Construction Milestone: First tower crane on site

Riverlee is delighted to provide you with another construction update as completion of Seafarers, slated for 2024, edges closer.

The end of 2022 saw Seafarers reach a construction milestone with the assembly of the first tower crane on site. The Seafarers crane is one of the three cranes which will be on site by the end of March 2023, marking the commencement of works coming out of the ground.

Tower cranes present a major milestone in large scale construction, unlocking a lot of logistics when it comes to speeding up progress on site and doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to materials and structural elements.

In preparation for this milestone, works have progressed well on site with the completion of the foundation piling and retention piling works. Several ductile iron pipe piles (DIPP) were installed throughout October which allowed us to build elements of the basement without disturbing the existing heritage structure on site and not undermine any of the adjoining properties. Excavation of the lift core has also commenced and the setup of the jump form core system is expected for January 2023.

Over the next two months, keep an eye out for two more cranes.