Introducing 1 Hotels’ farm-to-plate dining concept, 1 Kitchen

Across the world, the sustainable way of living entrenched in the philosophy of 1 Hotels continues to resonate with a community of like-minded guests. In lockstep with the 1 Hotels brand, the 1 Kitchen dining concept was refined with the same philosophy and integrated across the 1 Hotel portfolio worldwide.

A homestyle destination for plant-forward, hyper-local and sustainably sourced cuisine and beverages, the 1 Kitchen menu offers ethical food made with seasonal ingredients shared over fulfilling conversations in picturesque locations.

An essential tenet of 1 Hotels’ sustainability efforts is its commitment to a circular economy and ethically-sourced ingredients.

The paddock-to-plate concept commits to sourcing the best produce with minimal environmental footprint, where possible, within a 100k radius of the kitchen. After the meal, any excess food is donated, along with scraps and waste collected, macerated and turned into compost for the garden.

With access to the freshest organic ingredients, 1 Kitchen nurtures partnerships with local and sustainable purveyors to give guests and residents an authentic story of the region’s best seasonal flavours.

From the fresh farmstand display and all-day brunch café to the zero-waste cocktails, beer, wine and bar bites by night, 1 Kitchen Melbourne guests will discover a menu of delights expertly crafted and interpreted by a resident culinary expert.

Beyond capturing and honouring the local landscape in its gastronomy, 1 Kitchen brings considered design and music choices, along with warm service and hospitality, to create a multi-sensory ambience that is unique to 1 Hotels.

Spaces in 1 Kitchen are defined by warmth, flexibility and adaptability to create a vibrant hub for guests and residents of the hotel, and a welcoming atmosphere familiar to passers-by and locals of the area.

Offering multiple dining experiences enveloped in the signature biophilic and indoor forest design, a variety of lounge and indoor dining options spill out to the outdoor and patio areas, allowing guests to connect with nature all year round.

A statement bar and show kitchen is always present at a 1 Kitchen venue, pulling people into the heart of the buzzing activity or towards the theatrics of cooking.