Meet the resident - Cliff Ho

Beyond architecture and location, entrepreneurs and executives are looking for homes that can complement their busy lifestyles with unparalleled amenities, convenience and an international aura. At Seafarers, the five-star offerings of 1 Hotel & Homes is a slice of heaven for purchasers and entrepreneurs Cliff and Martine Ho.

While the hotel residence lifestyle has gained a lot of traction in places like New York and Asia, Melbourne’s first internationally hotel-branded residences will be encompassed within Seafarers and are set to bring everything to your fingertips.

With often hectic and calendar-filled schedules, executives and entrepreneurs have been drawn to Seafarers and its zero-maintenance lifestyle with 70 per cent of the Seafarers community thus far being business owners or holding executive positions.

From exclusive access to 1 Hotel’s amenities, management, maintenance and services, to customisation options for expansive home offices, Seafarers is unique in its ability to effortlessly accommodate this demographic.

Infused in Seafarers’ DNA is an immaculate level of convenience for its residents. The luxury of ordering room service, dry-cleaning, groceries, personal shopping, administration services and more can be completely arranged by 1 Hotel staff.

Cliff and Martine Ho are entrepreneurs based in both Melbourne and Asia that have purchased into the development and its hotel-lifestyle. Cliff is the co-founder of The Commons, a growing co-working space and Martine is the co-founder of Sunnies Face and Sunnies Studios, cosmetics and eyewear brands respectively.

“We have lived in Asia with support services at our fingertips and a residence like that wasn’t really within reach in Australia,” says Cliff.

“I’ve stayed at 1Hotels in Brooklyn and was blown away, so having a slice of that to call home in Australia is a dream. There’s a lot of apartment buildings with great amenity, but for me, they still don’t compare to life at a hotel and the standard of living that is available.”

“Being busy professionally, there is also something calming about living by the river, and the hotel lifestyle pairs really well with that at Seafarers,” he adds.

Seafarers’ connectivity to the city and the airport are additional benefits that cater to those who are accustomed to or are seeking an international way of living.

“Looking at hotel-branded residences globally, they hold their value extremely well, showing that their enduring appeal is also a savvy investment,” says David Lee, development director at Riverlee.

Ultimately, the 1 Hotel & Homes branded residences at Seafarers are an investment that is beyond traditional luxury hotel and city-apartment living – perfect for the sophisticated entrepreneur or executive.