The importance of working together with nature, not against it

Renowned for her wall hangings and tapestries, South Gippsland based, award-winning artist, Zetta Kanta uses ancient materials such as wool and silk throughout her artwork, bringing a philosophy of calm into spaces across Melbourne.

Addressing sustainably in all facets of her work, Zetta has devoted her career as an artist to environmental causes, with each piece of artwork an ode to the elements around her and all lovingly crafted from her studio in the picturesque Wilsons Promontory National Park.

 Through her art, Zetta hopes to communicate that we are part of this world together and there is no planet ‘B’ and that we need to take care of our environment because, without it, we will not survive..

 “My work is inspired by nature, but it is not a perfectly manicured garden with exotic plants and bright flowers; it more resembles sunburnt grass pastures or dewy mornings of fields in the distance,” Zetta explains.

Hanging proudly in the Seafarers waterfront display suite, Zetta’s ‘Rivers of Sky’ artwork showcases the detail of her craftsmanship while fostering a sense of calm. In addition, her ‘Black Billabong’ is located within one of the bedrooms; a tapestry that talks about rivers of our land and the Importance of sustainability and care of our earth.

‘Rivers of Sky’ is a narrative poem about streams of water that travel through the air and fall down as rain. It is a poem that doesn’t use words, instead, it evokes a strong feeling and sense of movement. The upright format of the tapestry allows visitors to feel the vastness of our skies and contemplate the majestic forces that flow through the air with almost a cathedral-like statue. 

This piece, which took over 360 hours to create, is constructed from Zetta’s preferred material, wool, and uses the ancient method of felting. In a constant effort to discourage unnecessary product disposal, Zetta sustainably sources materials from a local rescue farm, whereby coloured lambs are rescued from white sheep farms as they risk jeopardising the entire flock’s wool.

This philosophy of working with nature is synonymous with Riverlee’s brand new waterfront precinct Seafarers, comprising 1 Hotel & Homes, a brand renowned for fusing luxury with environmental and social responsibility.

Zetta’s story forms part of the Seafarers ‘Meet the Maker’ series, a platform that invites artisans involved in the project to showcase the detail and craftsmanship of their work.