New Life for Goods Shed No.5

80 years on from its original, the heritage-listed Goods Shed 5 on Melbourne’s Yarra River is being re-born.

Built in 1894 by W M Dalton and J C Johnson & Son in response to the sudden influx of cargo resulting from Melbourne’s Gold Rush boom, the original Goods Shed remained in use until 1939, when the growth in maritime trade prompted the Port of Melbourne Authority to commission G A Winwood to demolish the old shed and to construct the now heritage-listed Goods Shed No. 5.

After almost a century as the most used wharf on Melbourne’s Yarra River waterfront, Goods Shed 5 fell into disuse in 1975, when the newly completed Charles Grimes Bridge left insufficient clearance for cargo ships to pass underneath for passage upstream.

Remaining essentially unchanged, Goods Shed No. 5 continues to demonstrate the important history and technology of pre-containerisation cargo handling methods.

In commitment to build on history and nature, not in place of it, Riverlee have begun restoration works on the heritage-listed Goods Shed, including the removal of the old roof, and preparations to remove shed trusses, windows and doors to be refurbished offsite.

The inspired reimagining of Goods Shed No. 5 will see its fabric weaved into the new waterfront Seafarers precinct, ensuring the story can be shared and celebrated for generations to come.