Meet the Resident - Martin Storm

A frequent global traveller well acquainted with 1 Hotels, Martin says the Seafarers opportunity is unlike anything else on the market, prompting him to encourage his loved ones to take advantage of the unique offering.

A frequent global traveller, Martin Storm has become well acquainted with many of the best hotel brands in the world, but it is the sustainable luxury offering at 1 Hotels that has his heart. So much so, in fact, he has encouraged his family and friends to take up the unique Melbourne residential opportunity and purchase their own piece of paradise at Seafarers.

“Not only is 1 Hotels a fabulous product in the market, but combining it with spacious custom apartments is the best of both worlds,” Martin says.

Here, we speak to one of Seafarers’ newest residents about what excites him most about his new riverfront home.


What attracted you to Seafarers?

My wife and I live in a beautiful home further along the Yarra River, so we’ve always loved the environment around us and appreciated all that the location has to offer. Not only does Seafarers offer us even better proximity to the city, but having unhampered access to the facilities of a world-class hotel means it will really embody the very best of high-end apartment living. The brilliant architecture of Nonda Katsalidis and the Fender Katsalidis team also makes it very special.


As someone who is familiar with the 1 Hotels brand, why do you think Seafarers will stand out from the rest of the market?

The fact that Melbourne is the first choice for the 1 Hotels and Riverlee partnership is wonderful for our home city. Not only is 1 Hotels a fabulous product in the market, but combining it with spacious custom apartments means it transforms into the best of both worlds. I have experienced this before with the Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons brands and I know that 1 Hotels operates in the same orbit. Its advantage, however, and what personally resonates with me, is its organic, eco-friendly, and design-sensitive environment. Sometimes I feel like I am entering an enchanted forest when I enter a 1 Hotels property!


You have bought multiple properties at Seafarers and encouraged friends to do the same. What are you looking forward to experiencing here with your community? 

We have enjoyed the earthy stylings of 1 Hotels overseas and love the idea of constantly experiencing this lifestyle of convenience while living in a luxurious private apartment with custom facilities. We wanted all of our family to enjoy this extraordinary property experience with us, so we have bought extra properties for them. Friends have subsequently done the same. I can see us all being together in this lovely environment, enjoying all its services and assets, as well as the city’s offerings.