Meet the Resident - Ava Graham

Despite their main home being located three hours away from Melbourne, Ava and her family are well-versed in all facets of CBD apartment living. The regional family have called an existing apartment in Docklands their city base for the past 17 years, making them no strangers to the area. Recognising the unique opportunity of the last unobstructed riverside setting, Ava and her husband unexpectedly wandered into the nearby Seafarers display suite one afternoon and left triumphantly with a home that ticks all their boxes.

What features drew you to purchasing at Seafarers?

We love the location and the convenience it offers. We had bought our first apartment in Docklands off-the-plan about 17 years ago, and it was still a very new area, so we had quite fantastic views. Over the course of the years, our view has become of another high-rise building. For a couple of years now, we’d seen the Seafarers branding and display suite, so it had always been at the back of our minds. Being right on the river, we knew it was a great spot because you wouldn’t be blocked off by another building.

Though I don’t think we’ll ever live permanently in Melbourne, having a base in the city is important to us. We had initially looked at a couple of options available at the time, but our principal criteria was always a location on the airport side that would make travelling easy. Beyond the convenience and proximity to the airport, we love the actual riverside location. It’s where we like to spend our time. Whether we’re      walking to the restaurants or to the MCG and Tennis Centre, the Yarra is an entertaining strip to walk along, especially on your way out for a drink or as you’re making your way back home.


Which apartment configuration did you purchase and what was the design customisation process like for you?

We bought a three-bedroom and three-bathroom apartment. Our current Docklands apartment has two bedrooms and a study that’s just big enough to fit a double bed. We’ve often found that we needed a proper third bedroom, so we’re keen to finally have that at Seafarers.

The customisation and colour scheme process was very easy and simple. We ended up going with the light colour palette – Alba. There were only two choices to pick from and so we were just thrilled with how straightforward the process was! We didn’t have to go in and choose the colour of the walls, the colour of the carpet or the bathroom, it was nice to know that it was all picked out for you. That was unreal for me, as I’m not good with that sort of stuff.

We really liked the furniture choices in the showroom and the interior styling by Carr, too, and were provided with the full list of items for reference.


Are you familiar with the urban renewal aspect of Seafarers?

We did a little bit of reading into 1 Hotels’ sustainability initiatives, and more broadly, the urban renewal and heritage restoration at Seafarers. Sustainability is important to both of us, so we were glad to see that they weren’t simply knocking down old, historic buildings to make way for a new build. It’s great to know that they’ll be retaining the rich history of the area with the restoration of Good Sheds and the inclusion of heritage elements within Seafarers.


What are you looking forward to most about living at Seafarers?

Prior to Covid, we were in Melbourne quite often due to my husband’s work. He’ll frequently use the business facilities at the RACV Club on Bourke Street for meetings, so it’s a big advantage having those spaces and services available within our future home.

The integrated 1 Hotels services is another feature of Seafarers that we’re excited to have access to. There’s been times at our other apartment where a designated housekeeping or concierge service would’ve been handy. Even to assist with the trivial things like having a parcel delivered directly to us, instead of being left in      the foyer. I definitely imagine us utilising those hotel services when we move in. We’re about to get another dog, too, so the fact that we can bring our pets and have them looked after for a short period is very comforting. I suppose it’s almost like being on holiday in your own home!