Meet the Maker: Jaks Timber gives reclaimed timber a new life at Seafarers

In the heart of the Seafarers precinct lies a remarkable tale of revitalisation. What was once a dormant Goods Shed for over four decades will soon be home to Australia’s first 1 Hotel & Homes.

At the centre of this transformation is a story of renewal as the Goods Shed is reborn as the hospitality base of the hotel and residences, with all its heritage timer salvaged and seamlessly integrated into the interior design – all made possible with expertise of Australia’s leading supplier of sustainable timber, Jaks Timber.

Spearheading the timber restoration is Jason Winderlich, former Essendon AFL player turned founder of Jaks Timber, in collaboration with Riverlee and 1 Hotel Melbourne’s interior design team, One Design Office.

‘’A lot of the time you just don’t see this timber anymore, the only way to see it is from a recycled resource. We work really hard to salvage those timbers and ensure they get to see another life.’’ – Jason Winderlich

In total, over 4500m2 of salvaged timber has been incorporated into the design, redefining luxury through sustainability. This includes subaquatic piers from the wharf restoration, once ravaged by naval worms, offering a unique timber character, as well as discarded railway sleepers sourced from various locations across Victoria and NSW, breathing new life into materials that would have otherwise been discarded.

Upon entering 1 Hotel & Homes Melbourne when complete, residents and guests will be embraced by the warmth and authenticity of reclaimed timber. This enduring connection to natural heritage timber fosters well-being and renews reverence for nature, in alignment with 1 Hotel’s ethos: ‘if you fall back in love with nature, you safeguard it…’

Through repurposing reclaimed timber, Seafarers not only reduces waste and minimises environmental impact but also pays homage to the site’s rich history and materials. Each plank tells a story, reminding us of the place it once was and to honour the natural world.

As completion project approaches, this is your final opportunity one of the last remaining residences in 1 Hotel Melbourne – where you’ll experience 5-star hotel service & amenity, all year round, all from the comfort of your home.