Introducing PITT Cooktops

Hans van der Drift from PITT Cooking talks cooking innovation at Seafarers

The latest in Dutch design and innovation, PITT Cooking has unveiled their first multi-residential collaboration in Melbourne as part of the Seafarers collection.

In a natural fit for prestigious homes, the collaboration between Seafarers and PITT will launch an innovative cooking concept whereby separate gas burners are directly integrated into porcelain countertops, enabling high precision cooking and setting a new benchmark for kitchen design.

The brainchild of creative Dutch designer, Paul Vaundekoy, whose kitchen designs have amassed distinction within luxury homes throughout Europe, each PITT Cooking burner system is handcrafted in the Netherlands. 

With meticulous design and attention to detail, each gas jet on the PITT burner achieves optimum performance through cleverly designed air intake from above, providing a fast, powerful and efficient blue flame. Calibrated to stop at the bottom of the pan, PITT burners ensure perfectly cooked meals at home, every time.

Learn more about the PITT Cooking benefits;

Plenty of space to cook up a feast – Unlike most integrated cooktops, PITT Cooking provides an average of 8cm more space between burners when compared with a traditional cooktop. Not only does this mean you will always have enough room to use all burners at once, but no steel or glass surrounding the burners leaves you with additional kitchen bench space!

A showpiece – Thanks to the timeless design, PITT Cooking burners are set in precision-engineered Snaidero porcelain benchtops, not only creating a seamless design, but making for a striking showpiece within your Seafarers home. In addition, it promises low maintenance living, enabling easy cleaning when wiping up the benchtop at the end of the night.

Flame control – Whether you are searing, simmering or stir-frying, you will have infinite control over the flame, turning home-cooked meals into restaurant-quality masterpieces.

Quality and safety – PITT Cooking offers users certainty that their product complies with stringent requirements for quality, function and safety, while also offering a full five-year guarantee on the gas cooking system.

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