Insights on 1 Hotel & Homes at Seafarers from Raul Leal

Raul Leal, CEO of SH Hotel & Resorts, offers a perspective on life as a resident at 1 Hotel & Homes at Seafarers.

Setting itself apart from conventional brands, 1 Hotels is a mission-driven, sustainability-focused hospitality brand that prides itself on connecting with local communities. Leal underscores the commitment to biophilic design, reclaimed materials, and community engagement, creating an environment where residents actively contribute to a sustainable ecosystem.

As a resident of Seafarers, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to all the services, amenities, and event programming of 1 Hotel & Homes Melbourne. This unique experience aligns with the global vision of 1 Hotels, emphasising a conscious connection between luxury and sustainability. Watch the video to delve deeper into the ethos of 1 Hotel & Homes at Seafarers.

With construction progressing and only a limited number of hotel-branded residences remaining, this is the final opportunity to join the 1 Hotels community at Seafarers.

Secure one of the last four riverfront 3-bedroom residences and immerse yourself in the Seafarers experience with a personalised display suite tour.