Earth Day, every day.

In the midst of extraordinary times and as we adjust to a new ordinary way of living, the beauty around us is taking a much-needed break. From the depths of the oceans to the mountain tops, Mother Nature is flourishing as we are forced to slow down.

Scientific studies have shown that this break from ‘normal life’ has resulted in a decrease in global greenhouse gasses and pollution. In ways both big and small, Seafarers celebrates nature and aims to inspire conversation and action around urban renewal and the preservation of our planet. 

Inspired by nature and place, the sustainable signature design of 1 Hotel is anchored in the heart of Seafarers. The world’s first mission-driven hotel brand is renowned for its enlightened commitment to environmental sustainability.

A philosophy and a platform for change, 1 Hotel aspires to be a platform to spark conversations between innovators and guests, that transform the industry and our lives. All year-round, Seafarers’ residents and guests alike will participate in 1 Hotels events and initiatives across its portfolio which highlight sustainability, including Earth Day.

Fifty years ago, Earth Day became the largest people’s protest in the history of the world, bringing 20 million Americans – ten per cent of the US population at the time – into the streets. Today, Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

1 Hotel is celebrating Earth Day for the entire month of April to raise awareness for a more sustainable and responsible future. 

And just like 1 Hotel, Earth Day is every day at Seafarers. With a specific focus on social, environmental and cultural preservation, Seafarers tells a remarkable story of urban regeneration. 

Today, we simply encourage you to take a moment with nature – whether it be a stroll in a nearby park or reading a book in the backyard – take some time today to appreciate the beauty of mother nature. And when the pace begins to speed back up and the planes return to the sky, let’s remember the role we each play, each and every day.

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