Day in the life at Seafarers – downsizing in style

Seafarers is here to make your dream lifestyle a reality. With the support of 1 Hotel staff, amenities and services, now is your chance to make the most of the empty nest, upgrade and live a self-indulgent, eco-luxury life.

Join us for a day in the life of a Seafarers resident, recently moving from their family home of 10 years into their new 3-bedroom apartment.


8am – Wake up and appreciate the day

Awaken to serene views of the sun glistening atop the Yarra River through your uniquely faceted windows designed by Nonda Katsalidis. From the comfort of your spacious bedroom, you watch as the city comes to life, appreciating the beautiful landscape upon your doorstep.


8.30am – Your new morning coffee spot

With an appreciation for good coffee, you kick-start the day by ordering breakfast and a freshly brewed coffee from the 1 Hotel room service offering. Delivered to your door, you enjoy the warm caffeine hit and river views from your bed while you leaf through a book you’ve been meaning to read for years.


9am – Yoga with the neighbours

Following a relaxing breakfast in bed, you head to the spa-inspired 1 Hotel gym where you experience a morning yoga session with fellow Seafarers residents. Energised by your guided practice, you head to the sauna for a brief detox before showering and heading out for the day.


12.30pm – Lunch never tastes so good

After enjoying a long stroll through the streets of Melbourne’s CBD, re-discovering the art precincts and beloved NGV, you head back to Seafarers and indulge in lunch at the on-site 1 Hotel restaurant.


2pm – Expecting visitors for dinner

Following an early afternoon swim at the indoor pool, you indulge in a luxury facial treatment at the spa.  Relaxed, you are now ready for a visit from your children and grandchildren for dinner.  While you were out, housekeeping staff have delivered fresh flowers, as the concierge team ensures your pantry is re-stocked with all the goodies your grandkids love.


5pm – Aperitifs in the park

As your family arrive for the evening with their new puppy, you meet them outside the 1 Hotel crane bar for a pre-dinner drink. While the grandkids and puppy play at Seafarers Rest, you enjoy the river views as the staff at 1 Hotel bring out your aperitifs and a canine-friendly treat. Following drinks, the puppy is cared for by staff as you head inside for dinner.


6pm – Family dinner looks different now

For dinner, you have reserved one of the resident-only private dining rooms available on level 17 overlooking the Yarra. The dining room has space for both the kids to run around and adults to relax, with staff on-hand to assist in cooking and cleaning up.


8pm – A walk down memory lane

After a delicious family dinner, you all adjourn to the adjacent resident-only library lounge where you enjoy the company of your family. With Melbourne constantly abuzz, you journey out to the residents-only terrace with a drink in hand to watch the fireworks that happen to be taking place.


9:30pm – Relax and unwind

Following an evening of entertaining, you walk your children and grandchildren to the porte cochère where you say goodnight as the valet brings around their car. Before heading back to your apartment, professionally cleaned by 1 Hotels staff during your dinner, you stop by the riverfront hotel bar for a nightcap.