A Year in Review: 2023 Highlights and Milestones

Seafarers has experienced a transformative year in 2023, marked by significant construction progress and notable milestones. Let’s take a closer look at the key developments that have shaped this year.

Construction Progress:

The year commenced with the monumental milestone of completing the substructure and ground slab to the basement adjacent to the Yarra River. Despite the complexities involved and the proximity to the water table, the team at Icon seamlessly completed this phase ensuring the watertight integrity.

Moving onwards and upwards, the ascent from ground level has been impressive, with the structure now reaching level 12. As expected, the intricacies of Seafarers’ unique façade, masterfully designed by Nonda Katsalidis of Fender Katsalidis, have presented ongoing challenges. Termed as ‘the most complex façade’ in Australia by the development and construction teams, Icon has had to implement innovative measures, including the addition of several tower crane sections, to support the structure as they work towards completing the striking architectural form.

Heritage Restoration:

In the latter half of the year, Seafarers undertook intensive heritage restoration, including the meticulous removal of lead paint from the Goods Shed steel framework. A comprehensive review of almost a century’s worth of heritage papers guided this process, along with an analysis of the original layers of paint, culminating in the steel being painted in a refined rusted crimson colour. The restored steel components have now been brought back to the site for reinstallation to support the new Goods Shed roof.

Sustainable Transformation:

Seafarers’ construction embraces sustainable practices by repurposing the site’s old Oregon and iron bark timber from the Goods Shed, heritage wharf and other sources. These timbers are undergoing an offsite transformation, set to reemerge as flooring, bed heads, portals, and common areas. This approach stands as a testament to Seafarers’ dedication to recycling and preserving historical elements, seamlessly blending sustainability with the restoration of its rich heritage.

Façade Installation:

As the year draws to a close, a new milestone is underway – the installation of the façade glazing on the lower levels. Icon is set to double its workforce from 250 to 500 by Christmas, in preparation for the interior fit outs as each level becomes secure.

Welcoming the 1 Hotel Melbourne Team:

The mobilisation for the local 1 Hotel team is in full swing, underscored by the recent appointment of Damon Page as Managing Director for 1 Hotel Melbourne and Area Managing Director of SH Hotels & Resorts for the Asia Pacific region. Currently assembling his team, Damon has recently brought on board Libby Escolme as the Director of Marketing, who commenced her role in December.

As a visual landmark of this exciting development, the installation of 1 Hotel Melbourne signage along the waterfront marks the brand’s inaugural entry into the Australian market. This significant milestone is complemented by the launch of the official website for the hotel.

Display Suite:

After serving as a hub of exciting activity for three years, hosting appointments, sales, project meetings and numerous community events, the iconic riverfront display suite was removed from the site to make way for construction. A new display suite has now opened at the Collection by Colliers showroom, which opened in August, dedicated to the sale of the remaining residences.

Limited Residences Remain:

As the project approaches completion by Q4 2024, only a select few 2 & 3-bedroom 1 Hotel & Homes branded-residences are still available. The residences have garnered significant demand due to the integrated services, with over 80% already sold. Don’t miss the chance to live in Melbourne’s first hotel-branded residences and be a part of the growing Seafarers community.


Stay tuned for more updates in 2024!