A moment with eco-warrior, Joost Bakker

Dutch-born Joost Bakker is many things, recognised across the globe as a florist, designer, campaigner, artist, builder, landscape designer and restaurateur.

Referred to as the poster boy for zero-waste living by the New York Times, Joost Bakker has successfully flipped industries on their heads: first floristry with his penchant for choosing foliage and natives long before it was on-trend, then the hospitality industry through his zero-waste restaurants across Australia, today Joost continues to pave the way towards sustainable development and conscious living.

Driven by making a difference to the world, Joost’s innovations in building materials, waste treatment and nutrition are attracting global interest. Living in a time where there are many challenges and uncertainties regarding resources and the state of the environment, people are welcoming Joost’s pioneering ideas and thinking.

“I’ve always been obsessed with waste. I work with waste that is often unappreciated and try and turn it into something people love and admire.”

With a commitment to celebrating the sites rich maritime heritage and urban renewal, and to intertwine nature throughout Melbourne’s newest riverfront precinct, Seafarers together with Joost Bakker curated a number of activations and installations, each of which are designed to inspire others to contribute to a better future.

This includes utilising materials found on the site, such as bluestone, to curate a unique art installation within the Seafarers display. The end result is a structural form that stems from hand washed bluestone and natural materials that sees stunning shadows play across the wall come sunset.

In addition to the bluestone art installation, Joost led a large-scale activation in the spring of 2019, which saw over 150,000 tulips line the banks of the Yarra River in a quest to raise awareness of the hardships facing the Australian flower industry and local growers.

View the video  to learn more about the activation that took place last year on the first day of Spring and Joost’s artwork exclusive to Seafarers.